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Askio Large Parakeet

Askio Large Parakeet

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Complete feed in pellets for parrots.
Extruded pellets, specially developed as daily feed for birds outside the breeding period.
It is recommended that fresh fruits and vegetables are not missing from the birds' daily diet and that pellets account for only 70-80% of the total food consumption.
It is not necessary to give vitamin or mineral supplements to parrots if they have pellets as their main diet.
This product is intended for species such as Agapornis, Budgerigar, Rosela, Conure (Aratinga), Caique, Alexander, Rosé Cockatoo and other birds of similar size.

Feed and water should be changed daily.
Store in a cool, dry place and store in a tightly closed container after opening the bag.
Recommended daily consumption: The daily pellet consumption is 8-10% of the body weight of the bird, e.g. a nymph parrot consumes about 10g per day.
Composition: Cereals, oilseeds and oil fruit products, vegetable seeds, vegetable oils, fructose, dried brewer's yeast, minerals, inulin, yucca.
Vitamins and minerals/Kg: Vitamin A 12,500 IU, D3 800 IU, E 200mg, C 200mg, K 2.5mg, B1 14mg, B2 10mg, B6 12.5mg, B12 70mg, Niacin 50mg, Biotin 2.5mg, Folic acid 0 .24mg, Pantothenic acid 3mg, Choline 750mg, Iron 77.75mg, Zinc 24mg, Manganese 34mg, Iodine 4g, Selenium 0.85mg, Copper 0.25mg.
Analytical constituents: Moisture 8%, Crude protein 14%, Crude fat 7%, Crude fiber 3%, Crude ash 8%.

Made in Greece.
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