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Back Zoo Nature

Back Zoo Nature Corky Chew

Back Zoo Nature Corky Chew

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The Back Zoo Nature Corky Chew Small is a piece of cork (100% natural product) attached to a thread with a wing nut to attach to the bars of your bird cage. (fits almost any barred cage) Ideal for crooked beaks to enjoy and shred the cork, or as a resting place for smaller birds. Cork has the property that it is more flexible and stronger than regular bark and yet it feels nice and soft. Curved beaks absolutely love this to chew on and play with! Your bird will enjoy this for many hours, just like in nature! Are you also bringing nature back into your home? Suitable for all medium to large parrots, such as gray redstarts, noble parrots, amazons, cockatoos, etc.

Rodents will also have a lot of fun shredding and demolishing cork. It is a relaxing activity while they can wear their teeth and their natural needs are met.

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