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Makkelijke moestuin



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Because of the lectins, the beans cook for the birds.

Yellow green beans with a fantastic taste. The compact plants remain low and produce a high yield of bunches of stringless beans of 13-14 cm long.

More about our Butterbean seeds

These are yellow green beans with a fantastic taste. This compact standard green bean produces many bunches of 13-14 cm long, slender yellow beans without thread. The taste is softer than the green bean.

  • Species name: Minidor
  • Family: butterfly flower
  • Number of plants per section or Planty: 9
  • Height: 40-50 cm and higher
  • Sowing time: May and June
  • Sowing depth: 2 to 3 cm
  • Germination time: at 21°C in 7-10 days
  • Time to harvest: 8-9 weeks
  • Sunlight: full sun

Sow and grow butter beans

Because germination is difficult in even cold or rainy weather, we do this indoors on the windowsill: in a mixture of half MM mix and half fine pre-sowing vermiculite.

As soon as you see the first greenery, scoop the seedlings out of the pot and move them to their final place outside: a box at the back of your vegetable garden box or in a Planty.

Once the plants have passed the infant stage, they grow without any problems.

9 plants fit in a 30x30 cm box. The plants grow to a height of 40-50 cm, so place a rack of coarse garden mesh over the section as they grow to give them support.

The step-by-step sowing and growing instructions for Butter Beans can be found in the Easy Vegetable Garden app.

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