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MM-mini green

MM-mini green

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Specially designed Mini Easy Vegetable Garden

The MM-mini has the size of 1 compartment: 30 x 30 cm and 20 cm high. It also has handy handles, loops in which you can insert bamboo sticks to support your tall plants and is made of air-permeable material.

As a result, your plants grow perfectly, despite the small surface.

Much better than in a jar.

The grow bag is ideal for:

  • super small gardens or balconies

  • try the MM - or as a gift

  • empty spaces next to your vegetable garden box

  • invasive plants - such as mint

  • frost-sensitive summer vegetables: you can put them back inside in no time.

Where do I place my vegetable garden?
Place the minis in a sunny spot. Vegetables want at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.
This can be literally anywhere. In your garden, on your balcony or (roof) terrace.

Oh: and the more in sight and the closer your complete vegetable garden is to your kitchen door, the more you will harvest from it. It is also the case the other way around: then you quickly forget it.

How do you keep the minis beautiful?

Since the material of the minis allows water and air to pass through, stains will also appear on them. That is unavoidable: after all, they contain wet MM mix and they are outside.

Green deposits are caused by algae, especially in cold and wet weather and by water that has been standing in a (rain) barrel for a while.

Fortunately, the material is easy to clean:

During the season you can easily remove the dirty spots with a sponge and some ox gall soap.

At the end of the season, place your emptied minis in a dry place (for example, in the shed) to prevent excessive algae formation.

At the start of a new season , you can easily wash dirty minis.

First, soak them for a few hours in soapy water with mild soap and some ox gall soap. In case of algae stains, also add a good splash of vinegar: algae cannot tolerate that. Then rinse the minis well.

If they are still dirty, they can even be washed in the washing machine: on a cold program or a maximum of 30 degrees.

Put the minis in the easy vegetable garden app and get help with sowing, caring for and harvesting all easy vegetable garden vegetables.

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