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Orlux Calci-Lux 500 grams

Orlux Calci-Lux 500 grams

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Contents: 500 grams

Orlux Calci-lux is a high-quality water-soluble calcium source for birds. In birds, calcium deficiencies can cause serious health problems. Calci-lux is an easily absorbable source of calcium, which can be easily supplied via drinking water due to its good solubility. Calci-lux ensures proper egg shell formation and promotes the growth of a healthy skeleton.

Preventive: twice a week 1 level measuring spoon (4 g) per 250 ml drinking water or per 100 g soft food. Before and during breeding: 2 level measuring spoons (8 g) daily per 250 ml drinking water or 100 g soft food. In case of calcium deficiency (calcium tetany): 3 level measuring spoons (12 g) daily per 250 ml of water or 100 g of soft food.


▪ Calcium lactate
▪ Calcium gluconate

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