Frequently asked Questions

1.1 What is the most important thing you stand for when it comes to toys?

Safety is our top priority. Of course we do everything we can to achieve this. Yet every bird is different and can sometimes find itself in an unsafe situation.
So the owner also has some responsibility. After all, you know your bird best.

Some tips?
Never let a bird play with chains unsupervised.

Remove clappers and clapper houses from the bells of toys that we purchase elsewhere or replace the entire bell.
Our bells have safe “clappers” to sound the bell.

Do not use cotton.
Do not simply use decorative materials purchased from a plant shop, gift shop, etc. These often contain toxic or chemical substances or have been gassed upon import.

Don't buy painted wooden things from a thrift store if you're not sure whether it was made after 2013. Subsequently, a law was passed stating that children's toys may not contain any toxic substances.

1.2 Which metals do you use in toys?

We only use stainless steel in our own line of toys.

1.3 What are the delivery times?

Our delivery times take longer than an average store. Average between 5 - 10 working days.

This is because we make our own toys and various parts ourselves.
We also make our own food line such as cooking pots, pancake mixes, fruit and nut mixes and cookie mixes ourselves and to order.

I also have a full-time job.
So it may be that you only order something ready-made that could be thrown away, but then you still have to wait a while because you have orders that need time.

1.4 Do you also ship abroad?

Yes, we basically ship all over the world.

If your country is not listed, you can simply contact us and we will see what the costs are.

1.5 What about returning something?

If your order is not what you want, you can return it. However, the shipping costs are your own responsibility.
If the product is damaged, we will of course pay for it and we will provide another copy or find another solution.

Find more aboutthis here .

1.6 What if it turns out that a product is not available?

Since the corona period has started, it has often become difficult to maintain stock or still obtain some products.
If possible, we will offer an alternative product or, of course, credit the product if you wish. You are also free to cancel the entire order.