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Animal Favorites Small Animal Pasture

Animal Favorites Small Animal Pasture

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This small animal pasture offers varied, healthy food for many companion and farm animals such as chickens and geese, rabbits and guinea pigs, but also for turtles and other small animals. The mixture contains different types of grasses (Red Fescue, Italian Raai and Tall Fescue) and grass herbs (Chicory Spadona, Narrow Plantain, White Clover and Lucerne) for a diverse and strong turf.

Animal Favorites are intended for growing additional animal feed yourself. Always use supplementary animal feed in moderation and alternately, in addition to the basic (complete) animal feed.

Product features

- Varied, healthy food
- Tasty variety
- For small pets

Height 10-80 cm

Sowing time outside of April
Sow time outside until September
Harvest time of January
Harvest time to December
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