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Creative Foraging Systems Mastermind Circle

Creative Foraging Systems Mastermind Circle

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The Creative Foraging Systems Mastermind Circle is great for parrots that need more of a challenge. The Creative Foraging Systems Mastermind Circle stimulates your parrot even more and rewards your parrot for its performance. Place treats in the compartments and your bird will see the treat through the polyester. Now let's see how quickly he gets this one. The parrot must slide the tube with the reward up, after which he receives his reward in the middle container.

Parrots have the intelligence of a toddler and are very eager to learn. This is why it is important that you continue to challenge your parrots both physically and mentally. Creative Foraging Systems makes challenging foraging toys to train your crooked beak and prevent boredom.

In nature, parrots spend most of their day looking for food. When we as owners remove this need by serving fresh food in a container every day, boredom arises. This can have unpleasant consequences such as plucking feathers and changes in behavior. It is therefore very important to challenge your parrot at home. The foraging toys from Creative Foraging Systems will help you with this.


Dimensions: 25 x 22 x 8 cm

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