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Discovery baking medium

Discovery baking medium

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A container where they can really enjoy themselves.

(the last 5 photos show how it is laid out)

Digging, foraging, taking things out, etc.

A true enrichment.

The box, chains and the 5 or 8 quick links are stainless steel. (don't forget to make a choice here otherwise it will come with 8)

With 8 quicklinks, each chain can be attached separately to 4 points for more stability.

Everything with chains should only be used under supervision.

The contents of the container are supplied in bags, because they do not stay in place during transport.

A nice variation is to fill the pine cones with gum arabic/seed or simply stick dried fruit in between them.

The size of this container is 26.5x16x6 cm

There is also a refill package available with which you can fill the container again.

So the coconut husks, leaves, pine cones, moss and buddah nut.

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