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Small Cockatoos Premium Seed 2kg

Small Cockatoos Premium Seed 2kg

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This mixture is based on low-fat seeds to avoid obesity. Furthermore, the size of the seeds is taken into account.
With the group of small cockatoos we have experience that these birds have a high level of boredom. The smaller seeds ensure that the birds eat for a longer period of time and therefore have a positive influence on any picking behavior. This mixture is suitable for the rose cockatoo, helmeted cockatoo, ducorps, goffini, leadbetteri, sulphera, haematuropygia, sanguinea and relatives.
Supplemented with zupreem fruit pellets


Canary seed, white millet, paddy, yellow millet, buckwheat, topped oats, safflower, barley, grass seed, hempseed, cucumber seeds, red millet, Japanese millet, dari, peeled oats, milo, white perilla, linseed, black seed, rapeseed, radish seed, rosehip seeds , sesame seed, spinach seed, pine seed, kadjang idjoe, dried rowan berries, milk thistle, striped sunflower seeds, black sunflower seeds, white sunflower seeds.
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