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Makkelijke moestuin



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The tastiest snack cucumber for both outside in your container and in the greenhouse. Gives long and large yields and does not become bitter. The cucumbers are beautifully smooth, seedless, and delicious in taste.

  • Species name: Iznik F1
  • Family: fruit
  • Number per compartment: 2 at the climbing frame
  • Height: up to 200 cm
  • Sowing: from the end of April to the end of May
  • Germination time: between 20 and 25°C in 5 to 7 days
  • Time to harvest: from 9 to 10 weeks until the end of summer.
  • Sunlight: needs a sunny and sheltered spot

What is special about our snack cucumber?

The Iznik is the Louis Vuitton of snack cucumbers: you can't get better or tastier.

This variety does well outdoors and in a greenhouse, produces many smooth cucumbers of 10-12 cm long for a long time, and does not become bitter.

Forms hardly any seeds.

Sowing and growing cucumber

Cucumbers are real summer vegetables and therefore cannot withstand the cold. You sow them indoors at the end of April and plant them in your vegetable garden box at the end of May. 2 plants fit in a compartment near the climbing frame. The plants produce long tendrils that you weave through them.

Cucumbers need a lot of nutrition. So give some extra MM nutrition when planting and some more in mid-July.

Cucumbers don't do well next to a box with tomatoes, onions or chives. So always add another vegetable.

For extra production, cut away the side vines, just beyond the first flower buds.

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