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MM air box 4 compartments

MM air box 4 compartments

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The MM made this box especially for anyone who wants to set up an Easy Vegetable Garden Box quickly, well and cheaply. You simply click it together, fill it with Easy Vegetable Garden Mix and you are ready to sow.

It has 4 compartments, so you have room for 4 different vegetables. But the container is also ideal as a herb container.

The air-permeable material is good for your plants

If you grow vegetables in a small area, it is very important for your plants that they also get air at the roots. That's why vegetables grow less well in regular pots and better in our MM-minis.

The problem is less of a problem with this 60x60cm container, but your plants will grow just that little bit better with this air-permeable material.

This bin is also in the app

As a result, doubts about what to do to maintain your vegetable garden are a thing of the past.

The app tells you exactly what , when and how to do something. And if something goes wrong - it remains nature - then the app will help you further. Zero stress.

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