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Organic Sprouting Alfalfa

Organic Sprouting Alfalfa

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Brussels sprouts can be easily grown with water. The sprouts have a wonderfully fresh taste.Alfalfa is rich in protein, carotene and vitamins C, D, K, E, B12.

Sprinkle about a tablespoon of lucerne seeds in the grow kit and let it soak for half a day in plenty of lukewarm water.

Rinse the seeds with cold water and then drain well. Place the grow kit in a dark and warm place to grow beautiful white alfalfa

If you place the grow kit in the light, the alfalfa sprouts will turn green and develop leaves faster.

Change the water every day or preferably twice a day by rinsing and after about a week you can harvest the alfalfa.

Alfalfa must be heated briefly before consumption.

Product features

- Most famous Brussels sprouts mild in taste
- Very suitable as a garnish
- Lucerne germinated Brussels sprouts can be sown all year round

Sow time indoors from January
Sow indoors until December
January harvest time
Harvest time until December

Seed Characteristics
Seeds per gram 500

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