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Organic Sprouting Daikon Cherries

Organic Sprouting Daikon Cherries

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Sprouting vegetables can easily be grown with water. Daikon or also radish/radish-like is grown specially for the production of vegetable sprouts. These sprouts are packed with vitamins A, B1, B2, C and minerals. The young shoots have a fresh, spicy radish taste.

Sprinkle the seed in a thin layer on the sowing grid and rinse it carefully under the tap. Fill the glass bowl with water to the bottom of the rack and place it on the windowsill in a normal room temperature (20-22C). Change the water every day. You can also fill an empty butter container with wet cotton wool and sprinkle the seeds on it. Keep the cotton wool well moist and you can enjoy your home-grown sprouts. After 5 days you can eat the sprouts (which are then 3-5 cm long). The sprouts can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week without losing their healthy properties.

Product features

- Delicious, strong taste of fresh radish
- Easy to grow all year round

Sowing time indoors January
Sowing time indoors until December
Harvest time from January
Harvest time until December

Seed Characteristics
Seeds per gram 75
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