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Organic Sprouting Rocket Cherry

Organic Sprouting Rocket Cherry

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Brussels sprouts can be easily grown with water*. The young leaves have a delicious taste. nutty with a hint of pepper. Arugula cherry is rich in iron and contains vitamins A and C.

Sprinkle the seed in a thin layer on the sowing grate and rinse it carefully under the tap. Fill the glass bowl with water to the bottom of the grid and place it in the window sill at normal room temperature (20-22C). Change the water every day.
You can also fill an empty butter dish with wet cotton wool and sprinkle the seeds on it. Keep the cotton wool moist and you can enjoy your own grown sprouts. After 6 days, the sprouts (which are then 3-5 cm long) can be eaten.

NB! Basil, arugula and garden cress create a gel after contact with water. Less suitable for sprouting in the sprouting vegetable pot, where it has to be drained. We advise to sprout these varieties by mixing them with alfalfa and/or radish cherries and/or broccoli cherries.

Product features

- Delicious in dips, salad, sandwiches or as a topping
- Grow all year round in your own kitchen
- Easy to harvest within 2 weeks

Sow time indoors from January
Sow indoors until December
January harvest time
Harvest time until December

Seed Characteristics
Seeds per gram 600

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