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The whole bean is edible for birds.
Sugar snaps are a low type of meat or sugar pea. The plants grow to a height of about 60-70 cm. That's why they don't need a climbing frame, but they do need a rack to keep them neatly within the box.

The plants can withstand cold well. Normally you sow them early in the spring, but it is also possible in August. This cultivation is not always successful, but it is certainly worth a try.

  • Species name: Jessy
  • Family: butterfly flower
  • Number of plants per compartment: 9
  • Height: 60-70 cm
  • Sowing time: mid-February to June and August
  • Sowing depth: 2 to 3 cm
  • Time to harvest: 9-10 weeks
  • Germination time: between 7 and 23°C in 6 to 24 days
  • Sunlight: can be grown in the sun or in partial shade

What's special about Sugarsnap?

The pods of sugar snap peas have a fairly thick, fleshy skin. Unlike peas, this skin is very tasty. So you eat the crispy pod whole, just like with snow peas. They have a fresh, slightly sweet taste.

If you accidentally leave the pods hanging for too long, the skin will become tougher, but you can always shell the peas: they are also delicious.

Sowing and growing sugar snap

Before you sow the peas outside in your container, first germinate them inside so that a root will already grow. Then the seedlings will grow better.

The cultivation is easy, but be sure to protect the germinated seeds and small seedlings from birds: they love them - especially in early spring.

The step-by-step sowing and growing instructions for Sugarsnap can be found in the

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