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Back Zoo Nature

Super Shredding Ball Medium

Super Shredding Ball Medium

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The Back Zoo Nature Super Shredding Ball Medium.

As the name suggests, Super Shredding Ball, this ball is a well-filled wrecking ball for your crooked beak, made from 100% natural materials.
The ball itself is made of braided seagrass rope and well filled with colored paper scraps and wooden blocks.
This ball is also ideal for hiding treats that the bird has to find. Even without treats, this ball is a party for the bird!

Easy to hang on a metal chain with quick link.

Suitable for crooked beaks such as: large parakeets and small to medium-sized parrots.
(For example, Amazons, Gray Redstarts, Cockatiels, Spotted Jacks, Pyrrhuras, Rose Cockatoos, etc.)


Dimensions: approximately 12 to 18 cm.

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