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Weekly menu

Weekly menu

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7 jars of 80 ml.

A different jar for each day of the week.
The jars are large enough for a portion from a medium-sized parrot to a large parrot.

Or two servings for a small parrot or parakeets.
You can still supplement it with fresh products.

There is a choice of several menus. The narrow version is the same as the regular, only with smaller pasta.

Weekly menu 1

1 mixed vegetable.
2 pomcette.
3 Vegetable flakes with pasta.
4 Broccoli pumpkin pasta.
5 Celeriac broccoli with pasta
6 Paprika pepper paste.
7 Sweet beet paste

Weekly menu 2

1 beet parsnip with rice.
2 Zucchini root with pasta.
3 Spicy bite with rice.
4 farmers mix with pasta.
5 Halloween hot bite with pasta. (for the small it will be with regular small pasta).
6 Spicy surprise.
7 spaghetti vegetables. (broken spaghetti)

Week menu 3

1 Pumpkin beet paste.
2 Feast on hot pasta with pasta
3 Vegetables, fruits with spaghetti.
4 kernels, vegetables with rice.
5 Simmer pot with rice.
6 Paprika, vegetables with pasta.
7 Autumn hot snack with pasta

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