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Microgreens Lemon basil

Microgreens Lemon basil

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Green microgreen with a sweet citrus flavor. Harvestable after about 2 weeks.

Microgreens are vegetables and herbs that you harvest at a young stage and eat raw, divided into two groups;
Micro leaves: harvest and eat both the germ leaf and the stem; the germ.
Baby leaves: harvest the shoots and eat the young leaves.

Sowing: scatter the seeds on soil and cover with a thin layer of soil, keeping it moist.

Product features

- Has a pleasant lemon taste and smell
- Suitable for growing in a pot
- Bright green leaves and white blossoms

Sow open ground Yes
Location light Sunny
Height 35 cm

Sowing time indoors May
Sowing time indoors until July
Sowing time outside from June
Sowing time outside until August
Harvest time from July
Harvest time until September

Seed Characteristics
Seeds per gram 600
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